Nejpopulárnější Golfový Turnaj s českou a mezinárodní účastí 

Gentlemen, fellow 2008 Czech Open competitors:

I am volunteering to organize this year’s golf tournament and host the Awards Ceremony.

I am proposing the following.  


For the 2008 Czech Open:

Date:                           Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 10.00 am

Venue:                         Glen Lawrence G&C Club

Format:                        18 hole Stroke Play from the BLUE tees; handicapped (*) ...white tees are evidentne pro baby 

Laskave se dostavte v 10 hodin s hotovosti v ruce. Czech Open neprijima kreditni, ci debitove karty!

Kolik penez mate prinest?  Cim vic, tim lip!? 

For the Awards Ceremony after the tournament:

Place:                           4955 Milburn Rd., Battersea (Slav & Marilyn’s residence)

  • Program:
  •  Dinner: hors d'oeuvre, bonfire roasted sausages, rye bread, potato salad; BYOB
  • Awards Presentation
  • “MEJDAN!”

Entry Fee:

 round of golf               $35.00 

share of golf cart         $15.00

prize money                  $10.00

dinner                            $10.00

TOTAL                        $70.00

I am lukewarm on the idea of gift prizes and personally would not want to do that. Majority rules, so let me know what you want to do.

The Campion receives all the prize money collected through the entry fees.

(*)..the handicap as defined by the Royal Canadian Golf Association RCGA) is the weighted score based on the best ten (10) scores of the last twenty (20) rounds of golf. 

The weighted handicap is always calculated according the slope and rating of the golf course played against slope of 113 and a “par” score.

For example, the Glen Lawrence G&C club is:

Slope   113 (blue tees)

Rating 66.4

If you are not a member of any G&C (like I) and don’t have your handicap determine at the club, save your scorecards from wherever you play and we can determine your handicap at the tournament.

I am not sure I would have played 10 games before the open, never mine 20 games. Let’s go for a minimum of FIVE (5) best scores of this, 2008 golf season to determine our handicap. Save your scorecards from wherever you play and I will setup a spreadsheet on my PC to calculate your weighted handicap.

Consider this your first warning! Start honing your golf game.