Nejpopulárnější Golfový Turnaj s českou a mezinárodní účastí 

6th anual Czech Open Golf Classic at Glen Lawrence Golf and Country Club. Here happy president Mr. Frank Kosatka 

 just informed me, that tee-off times are confirmed next Saturday August 15, 2009 at 2PM. Please be on time, consider warm-up time, etc. Also private room is booked with food & refreshments "special" will be available.

              So bring your "A" game and appetite..looking forward to see Y'all at Glen....michael

Following "golfers" confirmed their registration as of today...Frank Kosatka will book 2 foursomes (poss. at discount rate).

Spread the word..if anyone else interested...pls contact myself or Frank...thanX ....miki

We have true International flavor this ear...

1 M.Pokorny

2 J Zborovsky (Wolfe Islands)

3 F Kosatka

4 R Tesar

5 S Florian (Batersea Republic)

6 M Florian

7 S Thunem (Norway, Russia, England etc.)

8 M Spoljaric (Croatia)

PS....Frank just informed us, tee-offs are booked around 2PM...will contact you with correct time.

Michael Pokorny - president of COGC 2009 

Due to overwhelming request...the date of Czech Open Golf changed!!!!!

New date is August 15th...Saturday afternoon. Same place  Glen Lawrence G & CC.

Hope this meets your approval....Miki

Spread the word.....